Hi,  I ´m  Slavomira

Transformational guide and an author of the method Ars Vivendi (Art of Living) 

I´m crazy enough to have a Vision to save the World by inspiring people to save themself at first 🙂

What  I  do

In my online program Ars Vivendi (means Art of Living in Latin) I am essentially taking my clients on an inner and outer transformational journey over the course of 12 months, utilizing the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui as my tool and the natural cycle of the seasons as my foundation. 

My  mission  

My mission is to contribute to the creation of personal, global and planetary happiness. I´m here to help you become a Conscious Creator of your amazing Life instead of just to be a victim of random consequencies. 

My  story

I´ve got my first Feng Shui book more than 25 years ago and I was fascinated with that. Promises of instant miracles just by putting objects in various corners of your house - I want that! I tried that but it didn´t work for me. I thought that probably I missed something, so I´ve got another book, and then another one but the more I read the more confused I became because I was able to find completely opposite pieces of advice to almost anything. 

The only thing that was the same in all books was that the bad Feng Shui in your house can cause big problems in your life. When we were going to build a house back in 2001, I hired a Feng Shui practitioner because, despite all books, I still wasn´t able to understand how to use that. I showed her our floorplan and I expected her to tell me what color to use in which room and where to put crystals or hang chimes. To my big surprise, she pointed quite different things, like “this wall shouldn´t be here, this door should be over there so the energy can flow” and at that moment, I´ve understood 2 things:

1) Feng Shui is something completely different than I thought before, and

2) it´s just impossible to learn that just by reading books.

I sign up for a course, and I also started to participate in workshops and seminars, so in a few years, I was confident enough with my Feng Shui knowledge. Meanwhile, our house was finished so we moved in, and then I realized that our oldest daughter couldn´t sleep there. I had to invite dowser, he found out that there is a pathogenic zone under our house and even underground water, and he suggested to move away from the house. For me it was like “no way, I have to find some solution”. So again I started to study, I developed my ability to feel the energy and I experimented with different methods. 

Then, quite naturally, with all my experiences and knowledge, I started to help my friends with their houses. One of them suggested that I could do that as a profession. I liked the idea so I subscribed to a serious school, Feng Shui International, because I wanted to get an official license as a practitioner. Then I realized that there´s so much more I can learn about how energy works everywhere - Chinese medicine, tai-chi, chi-gong, geomancy, I felt like I´d open the gate to the whole new Universe. I understood that if we can master our energy, we can do anything. We are so powerful as human beings! This was an A-HA moment that changed my life.

I decided to bring that realization to as many people as possible, to help them get out of the victim role and become powerful creators we are meant to be. That´s what I´m doing - I´m supporting people on their transformational journey using Feng Shui as one of the tools. I´m helping people to create harmony and positive energy in their homes so they can get energetic support by reaching their goals and making their dreams come true. This is the mission I´m passionate about.