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The origin of feng shui dates back more than 4,000 years ago. The country of origin is China. Originally used to choose the best location for tombs - the Chinese have their dead ancestors in high esteem. Later, the place for the imperial palace and generally for human dwellings was used for the most suitable location. Feng Shui experts at that time took note of the nature of the landscape - mountains, rivers, fertile fields, their relative position and shape. We therefore call the original teaching a shape school. Later, they took into consideration the cardinal orientation, numerological and astrological calculations, and a so-called compass school was created.

5 elements in Feng shui

The theory of 5 elements, along with the principles of yin and yang, form the cornerstone of Feng shui. What is it all about? The whole Chinese ideology is based on the search for and creation of harmony - in the body, in the soul, in space and thus in the whole life. This is done through the optimal flow of life energy, the Chinese call it "qi". The purpose of Feng shui is to ensure a harmonious flow of qi in our living space - at home, in the office, wherever people spend their time. It uses 5 elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water, which should be in balance.

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